October 8, 2019
Cennan Books
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ISBN-10: 1947976133
ISBN: 978-1947976139

On Sale October 8, 2019

In A Forgotten Evil, as the nation heals from the Civil War that nearly destroyed it, new battle lines are being drawn. Caleb Justin, orphaned and grieving, leaves his home along the Ohio River bound for Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, intent to join Sheridan’s troops in their pursuit of Indian lands. But a badly healed foot injury ends Caleb’s dream of joining up, and he finds himself alone and undefended on the war-ravaged prairie, picking up whatever work he can—until his capture by Indians changes everything.

In the winter of 1868, as the snow drifts, Custer is set to turn his cavalry on a Cheyenne camp along the Washita River. Joshua finds himself trapped in the crossfire of one of the bloodiest battles of frontier history.

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