January 26, 2021
Milford House Press
Trade Paperback and digital
ISBN-10: 1620064642
ISBN: 1620064641

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First, there was the canyon. Then, there were the people who came.

Nod Blessing is the surviving heir of the Blessing Cattle Company, and he is making his way through the mysterious Cherokee Outlet. If heís going to transport his yearís cash earnings, heíll have to survive the darkness of the caverns.

Five powerful women are also traversing the canyon. They are strong in their determination to build the town of Bathsheba, a refuge for women. Along the way, their spirits threaten to break; their wills tested. Itís up to them to create their one true haven.

Marco wants the land. A surveyor accused of a crime he didnít commit must overcome the drought and the impact of the Great Depression and a world at war, but deception is hiding around every bend.

Will these characters succeed, or, in the end, will they fall to the power of the canyon and its secrets? Time and Again is a metaphysical Western revealing historical answers hidden in plain sight.

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